Fie Franciska Frühwirth is a 20 something, hard working, passionated, aspiring photographer, who enjoys and lives for the challenge of photography.


Photography is her passion, her calling, and the thing that will undoubtedly drive her insane some day.


Her heart is in Portrait, Lifestyle and Travel photography.


She flounders around the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark, but gladly travels the country for a new exciting challenge. She’s a sucker for assignments where she has the opportunity to travel.


When she’s not busy writing about herself in the third person, Fie loves to experience new cultures, meet new people, travel the world and live life to the fullest.


Fie has been volunteering as a photographer for "Stafet For Livet" (creating awareness and raising money for the danish Cancer Foundation) & for "The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Copenhagen (creating awareness and raising money for Prostate Cancer research)

Please contact me via email or phone for booking inquiries.



+45 25381686

US. no.: +1 (646) 945-6672






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