Watercolour Commission painting

One of a kind watercolour painting made just for you.

Pets, wildlife, vehicles, still lifes, landscapes, cityscapes or a concept you have thought about for a long time. 

Prices vary depending on the subject, so please takes these prices as guidelines and contact me for a precise quote on your specific artwork. 

The prices below are stated in Australian Dollars.

Painting starting prices:

A5: 50 AUD

A4: 100 AUD

A3: 150 AUD

50% of the price is to be paid before starting the painting and the rest paid when its finished and its ready for shipment or pickup. 

Please estimate 2-3 weeks for the artwork to be done + shipping to your destination from Victoria, Australia. Your final price quote is going to be including shipping. So no additional cost will be added after you recieve your final quote from me.